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      Our enterprise was set up just as many other enterprises of small and medium business. By the early 2000-s, when the industry Research Institutes, accustomed to the public financing, couldn’t still recover from the shock, it was a participation of small and medium business service enterprises, which let mining companies to regulate their works of resource base reproduction.


      The entire creative teams of highly qualified specialists with academic degrees separated from Research Institutes in those years. As a rule the withdrawal was initiated by the groups of like-minded specialists who had a comprehensive intellectual and knowledge base, their own methodology and works done.


      The key staff of our enterprise separated from NPC “Tvergeophysika”. In 2002 we created the enterprise “The Center of Scientific Research, Design, Fossil Raw Materials Geology”, OOO “CNIP GIS” for short.


      OOO “CNIP GIS” has two branches, in Moscow and in Tver, and its own petrophysical laboratory as well. The total number of its employees is 62 people.




OOO“CNIP GIS” 117218, Moscow, B. Cheremushkinskaya str, 25, building 97, office 509. 

 Telephone/fax : +7(499)685-12-82 ; +7(499)685-12-80    e-mail: